Monday, August 8, 2011

Doing it for the very first time

No silly rabbit, I am not talking about sex. Bring your minds back to this side for just a few minutes. I was listening to either the radio or the television as I was brushing my teeth and I heard someone say that we should at least try doing something that we have never done before. I don't know why that kind of hit me and wanted me to actually do it. But at that moment, I thought to myself, "Hmmmm, I think I will bake a cake." No, not a cake mix cake, but that good ole country cake from scratch. I had never done that so I was on my quest to get it accomplished.

As a child, I had watched my mother and my grandmother in their own kitchens get the ingredients together and put them in a bowl and when all was said and done, a delicious cake would be there to eat. I never thought that as I watched them, that I would be in my own kitchen trying to make a cake the same way they did. I wanted to call my mama and ask her what were her ingredients but I decided to try it on my own and call her later and so I began.

Everything that came to mind that I remember about this cake, I put it in the bowl and watched the mixer go round and round. The sugar went in, the softened butter went in and then the flour and the eggs. It was beginning to actually look like cake batter. I was getting so excited about doing it for the very first time. I poured the batter in the pan and watched it carefully as it cooked. When it did come out of the oven, OH MY GOSH, it smelt just like mama's. The family wanted to taste it and so when it was cool enough to come out of the pan, we all stood around in awe. Before I even had a chance to take a picture of it, the children took the knife and cut into it. They absolutely loved it. I was so happy. After all that, I called my mama and told her about it and she told me I put in all the ingredients correctly. My daughter has already asked when do I plan on making another one.

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  1. QueenBee this is WONDERFUL! What an accomplishment! Did you bake the cake by memory or did you have a recipe?