Monday, August 15, 2011

My neighbor is really psycho

There were these boots that hubby wanted me to have. He said that I should order them before it gets cold and before the price goes up. I looked at the boots and thought that if he wanted me to have them, then I would get these boots. I received an online notification as to when the company was shipping the boots and when they would be delivered at my house. Well that night that the boots came, the delivery people dropped the package off at my neighbor's house and not our house.

So, the doorbell rang around 7:00 a.m. the next morning and hubby got up to answer the door. I was sound asleep so I didn't even know the package had arrived nor did I know that the doorbell rung. When I woke up, hubby said to me that I had a package in the living room and that it was delivered next door. When I went to get the package, it was all torn up so I asked hubby why was it torn like that...and this is is story.......

When the neighbor brought the package over, hubby asked the neighbor why was the package torn all open like it was....the neighbor said that he knew he didn't order anything and he knew his wife didn't order anything, so before he even looked at the name on the package, he tore the package open because he said don't nothing come in his house without him seeing what it is first. Hubby told the neighbor that my name was on it and that he should have looked first to see who it belongs to. The neighbor then said no, he did not look at the name. The neighbor then said that his wife can't order anything without him looking to see what she ordered first. He said his wife can't go and get a bottle of nail polish without him looking in the bag first. So my hubby asked him what if she was trying to get something for a surprise for him. The psycho neighbor said that he don't wany anything by surprise and she better not bring anything in HIS house without him knowing about it first.

When hubby was telling me this story, I was like, Are you for-real? I t0ld hubby that was insane. Hubby agreed. I don't know whether I should feel sorry for the neighbor or his wife. That man is psycho!

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  1. Let's hope your neighbor doesn't read your blog. LOL!