Friday, June 26, 2009

Five days and counting

Today I found out that my boss is retiring very in five days. Normally when you hear news like this, you think ok, they won't actually be leaving until like 6 or 7 months. Well when she told me the news, I asked her when was her last day and she tells me that it will be June 30. I said, "of this year?" She said yes and that if she go on and retire before December (which would have been the original plan), she will get the incentive that the college is offering. I was in total shock. I so declare I didn't know what to say. It was so sudden.

My boss is a very hard worker and she has treated me very well as her Administrative Assistant. She has cared about our family and she is very kind and giving. She jokes occasionally and every now and then whenever I have to take off for something, she is so lenient and understanding. I couldn't have been been given a better boss than the one I work for right now. And now, she is leaving and I am somewhat hurt, not that she's leaving, but leaving like this. It was sprung on me just today and I know that when I go back to work on Monday that she will have only three days. What will another boss bring? Will he or she be easy to work with? Does this put my job in jeopardy? These questions ponder me. My boss now isn't always over my shoulder because she knows I do my work and will get it done. She and I have that type of work ethic where when she goes out of town for some conference, or for something personal, that I am still at work alone doing what I have to do. She never has to "boss" me around.

As I thought about what I was going to blog about, I thought about how we don't know the time or the hour when Jesus will return. He has left us here on Earth to take care of the necessary things until he returns. He doesn't come down and check on us since we know what we have to do. Even though we may screw up every now and then, we know what precautions to take in order to get back on track. Just like my boss, Jesus is also very lenient because he keeps forgiving us over and over again even when we know we don't deserve it. If you found out that you had five days to live your life anyway you wanted to, I wonder how many of us would take that opportunity to clean up our act before showtime actually came, knowing that Jesus' coming was five days and counting. That's something to think about.


  1. Hope everything works out well with your new boss. It always makes you nervous to get a new boss.

    I enjoy your blog and recommended it to my readers today. Be blessed!

  2. Aw, what a touching message. I truly hope your new boss works out for the best and I'm sorry your old boss is leaving so unexpectedly. Sometimes life works like this and you know what, it only prepares us :)

    Thank you for your comment on my blog, I adore your blog and I will be following it :) keep in touch toots and let us know how you like the new boss :D

  3. Your boss is a rare gem! Many people would consider themselves lucky if their boss was even half as good as yours. :-)

    BTW...I wanted to email you about our lovely mutual friend today in regards to what you wrote about her--but you don't have an email contact link. (hint, hint) :-)

    Have a beautiful day kind lady ~ Sandy