Friday, June 5, 2009

Finally, some ME time

I had been wanting to get my hair cut for quite some time, and each time I wanted to do it, there was always something that stumbled in my way that postponed me from accomplishing what I wanted to do. I told hubby that I wanted it cut. He said that he didn't have a problem with it, but honestly, I hope he wasn't thinking that I was asking for permission. HaHa. Ok, so I had made the appointment because I figured once it was made, then there would be no turning back. Everybody else's needs would have to be put on hold. I was going to take care of me.

I had been anticipating this day and the closer my hair day came, the more excited I got. It was like being a kid at Christmas. When I walked in the salon, Yen, the lady who did my hair, told me that I had a nice grade of hair and if I really wanted to cut it. I had already mustered up the nerve to be like Nike and just do it. I told her in my very calm and very nice voice that was my goal to have my hair cut. She said that she had a problem cutting it since it had grown to a nice length, but she said that if that's what I wanted, then she would oblige.

Not only that, I also got some golden hi-lites put in. Oh wow. This felt soooo good. I felt like a new person. I looked like a new person. I felt like I should have a new attitude and work this new hair style. I am very happy with my new do. When I walked in, hubby was like, "WOW". Watch out world, QueenBee is super fly now and I'm ready to take over Diva Central, well at least in my dreams anyway.

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  1. LOL - You are so funny and might I add your haircut is quite becoming! You should post a picture so your faithful followers can see!