Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Is stupid written on my forehead?

A student came in about two weeks ago saying her car got stolen and that her books were in the car and then the car was set on fire. She came to my office to tell me this and to ask if she could use one of our books. Well, I don't order student books or the textbook publishers would never make money; so the only books that are in my office are instructor books for them to teach from.
With that being said, I told the student that I don't have any student books for her to use and that as bad as it sounds, that she would have to go and buy another book. That's what I'm supposed to do - I just work here.

Anyway, it's appalling at some of the excuses that come through my office. Some may be legit, some may be fake. I don't know. I don't ask. Would it be wrong to say I don't care? Well lo and behold, this very same student (whose car was stolen and set on fire) comes in my office with a book in her hand. I don't know if she went and bought another book or if this was her actual book. Some things I just choose not to know. She comes in telling me that page 391 of her book was missing and that she needed that page to do her homework that was assigned over the weekend. Sure, whatever you say. She then asked me if I could make her a copy from the book that we have in the office. Keep in mind that the books we have in the office all have the answers in them.

Ok, I thought to myself. She must think I'm stupid or that it's written somewhere on my forehead. I made a copy of page 391 from the office book, but then I marked through all the answers with a permanent black marker and then made another copy from that and handed it to the student. She looked at that paper like she had seen a ghost and with a slow utterance of a stumble to say thank you, she accepted the paper and left. Like Beyonce's song says, "she must not know 'bout me."


  1. the girl needs to repeat a few classes if she thought you were ACTUALLY going to give her the page with the answers on it

  2. Wow, your good, how old was this girl? Maybe she should have got an F for that crazy story she told:)

  3. Are you serious? Please tell me you made this story up just to make us laugh!

    Did she really think that you would not remember her coming in before?




  4. It frightens me to think that our future is in the hands of millions of others just like her. Hmm.


  5. No I did not make this story up to make you laugh. I'm glad you did laugh but it's all true. She is a much older student and I'm like, this is college for goodness sakes. I do remember a lot of students faces but not their names. I should have slapped her and said, "you could have had a V8"

  6. this is too funny! i mean, i went to great lengths to cheat in high school but this takes the cake on stupidity!
    (and ps - if i were your mom and found out i was pg at my 6 week post partum check up, you wouldn't be reading my blog. i would still be at hotel looney being fed some major anti-anxiety meds!)

  7. This is funny.

    Why did she think that you wouldn't remember her? She might be back to see you next week. Put her picture up for the staff to see in case you are off that day! LOL!

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