Wednesday, September 19, 2012

You talk too much

I remember back in the day when RUN DMC sang their song that you talk too much and you never shut up. I still love it to this day. Well, I was in one of my classes and the instructor had said that he was only going to check roll once.  This class meets twice a week, and on one of the meeting days, this girl sat next to me and introduced herself as Kate. I told Kate who I was and we exchanged a few things about our work and class schedules just to get acquainted.  So Kate mentioned to me that she can't make it to both class meetings a week and that she would be able to make it to one. I told Kate that on the days that she can't make it, then I will send her the notes from that class. One thing I know is that instructors look out for each other, so students should look out for each other too, right?

Well after class was over, Kate went up to the instructor and told him what she told me and that she will not be in both classes and that she will only make it to one. Now why in the blue skies and white clouds did she do that!! Since the instructor don't know us from Adam and Eve, Kate actually put herself in more hot water than she could bathe in. As I was getting my books together so that Kate and I could walk out together, she said that she think she made it worse for herself. She said that the instructor told her that since it is a twice a week meeting class, that she will have to write an essay on each chapter that we cover in class. Holy smokes Batman!

I got to counting on my fingers, carrying the one, divided it by pi, took the square root, found the common demoninator and realized that Kate would have to write at least a minimum of 3 pages per chapter a week and we will cover 16 chapters during this semester, and still have to do our research paper. Kate, Kate, Kate....girl I know I just met you, but you shoulda kept your mouth shut. Shaking my head!


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