Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Get your filthy draws off my silky paws

I just couldn't resist. That was a line from Grease, if you've ever seen the movie. That line came to me when hubby asked me what I would call a stupid question. He asked me if I had picked up his pajama bottoms from the floor and put them on the bed. Huh? See, he has this strategy that after he has worn his pajama bottoms for about two days, he will throw them on the floor because they are dirty, but if they are clean, he will put them back on the bed. I told him I never knew he did this. When I've taken my bath and I see dirty towels or anything on the floor, I just pick it up and take it to the dirty clothes bin.

So when hubby asked me if I had picked them up, I told him no I did not, but why? He wanted to know if I had picked them up and put them back on the bed because they smelled funny. Why did I give him that look! But I did. I simply said to him that his strategy is not working and if the pajamas were dirty, well then why couldn't he just walk to the utility room and put them in the dirty clothes bin where all the dirty clothes go. He paused and said, "Why didn't I think of that." I looked at him again and just shook my head. REALLY?!


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