Monday, August 6, 2012


Sometimes men can be such anal creatures. Instead of always having a headache, I have a butt ache from annoying stuff from hubby. Why is it that everytime I think I am getting ahead, there comes someone by the name of hubby to knock me down. No, not in a really bad way, but his opinions are so far from mine that no wonder men are from another planet.

Scenario number 1: Our daughter, who is now 19 and attends the local college has morning classes. Well when I get up at 5:30, she has to get up at 5:30 because we ride out together. Hubby tells me one night around 11:00 p.m, when I should have been sleep, to go and tell our daughter to go and wash dishes. Now, I normally would not have a problem telling her that, but I looked at the clock and said, "It's freaking 11:00 at night and you know she has to get up and go to class." Why in the hill of a bean would he request that dishes be washed then, when he had all that day to say he wanted the dishes washed. I told him to go to bed and if the dishes had been in the sink that long, then one more day couldn't hurt.

Scenario number 2: We are trying to let our daughter make decisions and be responsible. So whenever we go somewhere, I always ask her if she has money and if she say no, well guess what, we are not going to get it for her. I should make a correction and say when I (not we) ask her that, cause hubby always feel that he has to pay for everything for her. So we are planning a trip for some time next year and hubby has it in his mind that he and I will need X amount of money to cover the trip and then he says, "cause the kids might want this or that...." Ummm, who is he in reference to? My job is to take care of the 16 year old, and yes the 19 year old still lives at home, if she don't have any money, she needs to stay her tail at home. If he continues to do that, I told him that she will never leave him. He says that is still his baby. So what? Your baby needs some green.

Scenario number 3: Hubby wanted our 16 year old to wash the car. Not a problem. But why would he have him to wash the car when he is about to take it in the country with red dirt? Really? This is already self-explanatory. Shaking my head.


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