Monday, August 13, 2012

Oh no you didn't

I was at church the other day minding my own business when this woman came up to me and said, "Oh no you don't have on a watch to match your outfit." Instantly, my mind wanted to scream HATER!!! But instead I said, "Oh yes I do." She said that she had been noticing me and see that I have on a different watch with my outfits. Wow! I am being watched? In church? Really? Where they do that at? I said yes I do have a watch to match every outfit, is that a problem? She said no and just wanted me to know that she be checking me out.

Did I mention that I was in church? Her mind is all up on what QueenBee is doing and wearing. Not Jesus, but me. Geez lady, back off with your creepy self. I saw this same lady at another service and she said to me, "I see that you have ear-rings to go with your outfits as well as a matching watch."  She then mentioned that she was at some store and saw some colorful watches and started to get them for me. LYING!! Hoping that my next comment would shut her up, I said, "Well next time you see them, then buy them for me." She said, "I heard that.....Oh noooooo you didn't." I paused and said, "But, yes, oh yes, I did." She went on her merry little way after that.



  1. I will check back to see when 'church lady' buys you those watches. Hahahaaaaa!

    Next church service when they pass the collection plate, be sure to drop your money in with your watch in plain sight, money clenched between your thumb and forefinger with your pinky finger cocked gingerly in the air.

    So so funny!

  2. LOL! You probably wear dearly and you probably match your outfit with the best accessories. You might want to add some Rolex to your collection and that woman will just drool over your getup each day.