Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm just saying...

I didn't know that there was someone I work with who lives about 2 blocks from me. I didn't know that until about four weeks ago. Her car had broke down and she called me and said that she had seen me going in the same direction and wanted to know how far I had lived from her because she needed a ride to work. When I told her where I lived, she said she didn't know I lived that close to her. Neither did I. She needed a ride to and from work and it had not been a problem since we both were going to the same place.

Each morning I never had to blow when I pulled up at her driveway, she was already waiting outside, and each day turned into four weeks. I can relate to not having a car when my car was down. So each morning, I pulled up and she got in, and we drove off.....until this morning. I pulled up and she was not sitting outside. But her blinds were open and I could see her walking around. I asked myself if she saw me or should I blow. Right before I could push the horn fast enough, here she comes outside....with her sleeping clothes on. At first I thought she was running late and was gonna bring her clothes and just change at work. Really, I did think that.

She said that today she is not going to work because she was babysitting her 4-year old granddaughter who came over last night. Now here are my questions: Why didn't you call me last night and say that I didn't need to come over this morning OR why didn't you call me this morning before I left the house? All I'm saying here is just be considerate when someone else is doing you a favor. I could have saved my pennies of gas from going those two blocks and just headed straight for work. I'm just saying.


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  1. You could have saved pennies which is really nothing, but you could have also saved yourself from feeling a bit of frustration and having your peace disturbed a tad. Peace doesn't have a price on it because of it did, no one would be rich enough to buy a bit of it. Really, she owes you billions of dollars.