Thursday, June 21, 2012

On Living

On Saturday, I was in MS and attended two funerals in one day. When we all arrived at the church, we were just happy to see other family members and we embraced each other and laughed and shared memories of the deceased. One of the children exclaimed how their father was gone and left this world too soon. Since we don't know when it will be our last day on earth, it is just best to enjoy life while you can. Children will be born and children will move out of the house, people die, and not just old people or people with failing health. People will die in perfect health, young people will die, skinny folks will die, fat people will die, mothers will die after childbirth, and so forth.

So while you are living, go on vacation. Enjoy life! There will always be some type of bill to pay. We will never have enough money. Go shopping, buy yourself a new outfit. Children will always want or need something. We will never be financially fit. Enjoy life! Spend time reading a good book, go the movies and laugh until it hurts. Run under a sprinkler just because. Eat a steak off the grill. Buy yourself a car that you can't afford, ok maybe that was a bit extreme. Close your eyes and whatever state your finger lands on, plan your next vacation there. By all means, live your life. It is already short, so you might as well enjoy it. Tomorrow could be your funeral. In your eulogy, will it read that you lived life, or that you were just alive? Hmmmm!!!

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