Monday, December 3, 2012

Organized flow

I try to be an organized person, especially at work. I have my own little system where I get all my filing done on Fridays, mainly because it is quieter. There are nine departments who all fall under my department. So the way I have my filing systems is that each department has a folder that is listed by department in alphabetical order. In each department's folder, everything they submit is then in alphabetical order in their own folder. Simple enough, right?

So whenever my boss says she is looking for document D from a certain department. I just go to that folder and pull it without hassle. I don't have a reason to hold documents on my desk, because I try to keep my desk clutter free. Well, my boss comes to me saying she needed document F from a certain department. I looked in that department's folder, and there was no document F. I asked her if she was mistaken, because
Friday just passed and there was nothing in my file box because I had just filed everything.

I'm not saying I can't be wrong, and yes I do make mistakes, but I'm looking in this folder and there is no document F. She had the audacity to have me look again and sure enough, I looked.....stupidly...right into an empty folder.....just to show her I don't have it. I told her there was no document F in the files and mentioned that she might have it on her desk and hadn't put it in the file box just yet. She didn't like that. She said that she does not have it on her desk and that she is positive that she gave it to me. I was like, well it ain't here (pointing to the empty folder). She gave a sigh like teenagers would do....ugh....and walked back in her office. I kept on doing what I was doing, when, about 15 minutes had passed.....she calls me from her office and said, "You were right, I have the document on my desk, here it is." I just kinda looked at her with that look. I wanted to say that I knew you had it all along, but I didn't.

Needless to say, document F is in its folder, where it is suppossed to be....because I put it there, that's why.

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