Monday, December 3, 2012

Popcorn at its best

We had a meeting one day here at the college and some of the people provided snacks and such. One lady brought some popcorn and I figured that since I had class after the meeting, a little popcorn would be good to snack on. The first bite of that popcorn had my mouth watering. It was sooooo good. I went over and got myself another cup full of that delicious popcorn. Each bite tasted better than the last one. When the meeting was over, I asked the young lady where on earth did she get that popcorn. She said that she got it at Popcorn King.

I had never been to Popcorn King and didn't even realize that it was right across the street from the college. I told myself that I was definitley going to Popcorn King and get some of that popcorn. When I walked in, they had buckets of flavor that I didn't expect to see. I was in awe. I just thought I was going to walk in and get some regular buttery popcorn like we had at the meeting. They had flavors that I never would have thought of, especially on popcorn. The lady asked if I wanted some samples of some of the popcorn. I got a sample of the loaded potato, and then mac and was like heaven in a plastic bag. Oh wow! I told her to hook me up on the loaded potato popcorn. I couldn't even get it home fast enough because I was just eating it while I was driving.

Today, I am going back to Popcorn King and I am getting the mac and cheese flavor. Don't knock it until you try it. I can hardly wait to get back over there. Now this stuff is really finger licking good.


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  1. LOL... I'm not a fan of flavored popcorn so I may take a taste, but that's about it. I do like Kettle Corn though. I've never heard of Popcorn King; it sounds like Popcorn Factory. I don't know if PF has a brick & mortar location, but I've ordered from them online.