Wednesday, September 2, 2009

To all my readers and followers

Just a quick note to say that I know I haven't been on your post leaving a comment but it has been hectic these past few weeks. After my new boss came July 1, there was and still is a lot of stuff I have been teaching her. Along with that, since I don't have an office assistant yet, I've been doing my work and then some. I am still working out, even though this sexy thing I have going on is just getting sexier and sexier by the minute...BAM!!!! After I leave work, I then go and take my son to football practice which ain't no thirty minutes either. Well I am still around here...somewhere. Yall keep writing, do your thang. Trust me, when you see me on the scene, you'll know things have calmed down a bit. Does anybody need a job being my office assistant in Pensacola? You can work 15 hours a week, and the pay is minimum wage....the 18 year old that I thought was gonna work is not going to work. He hadn't even made an effort. Oh well.


  1. A job? Away from the house? I'm itching! No thanks!

  2. Oh hope you get a new assistant soon! x

  3. Lookin' forward to you gettin' back...I need my QueenBee fix for the day! Love you cuz, P