Monday, September 28, 2009

Chivalry is not dead

No matter how much I think I'm going to do something for myself, hubby always steps in and says "no, you go and sit down, I got this." When I get ready to iron my clothes, he wants to do it. I try to help out in the kitchen, he tells me that I should go and rest because I've been to work all day. Dinner is ready when I walk in the house. The laundry has been done and all he is waiting for is for my presence. He fixes my plate for me without me even asking. He comes and opens the car door for me and helps me in and out the car. He holds my hand when we walk into a building and then he will open the door for me. He goes out in the middle of the night when I even mention to him that I wish I had a pint of blue bell homemade vanilla ice cream. I don't expect him to do it but he will sneak away and get it when I leave the room. He knows I love "peach less" peach cobbler and will make it on a whim. I know, I know, you're wanting me to tell you what is peach less peach cobbler....well, it's peach cobbler without the peaches...he uses the juice and I tell ya, the crust by itself is simply awesome.

But then a thing happened and my hubby had me laughing hysterically. I gave blood for the very first time yesterday. There was a blood mobile at our church and hubby asked me why don't I give blood...I hesitated and said...well I've never given blood before. He asked me if I wanted him to come and hold my hand....I said no, but I really did want him to. So he went inside the church and when I walked into the van, the people were asking me questions if I had eaten breakfast yet. I told them I ate a cup of yogurt so they flooded me with sprite and a granola bar and said for me not to do anything for the rest of the day. After church, hubby saw me sitting in the chair in the foyer waiting on him. He asked if I was ready to go, I said yeah. We walked to the car and instead of him helping me in the car yesterday, he hopped in the driver seat and I just stood by the door. (He knew I was being funny)

He said, "are you getting in?" Laughing I said, "I just gave blood and now I'm cripple for a few hours and I can't put pressure on this arm to get in the car." So he laughed and was just about to get out the car to come and help me get in the car, but my daughter said, "I'll help her in." That was touching but I didn't really need help. I was just messing with hubby because we joke like that....I went ahead and let daughter help me in the car anyway. We went home and hubby gave up his recliner for me. He then went in the kitchen and started cooking. He told me to rest and just enjoy the day. So for all you hopeless romantics out there, don't give up hope. Your husband will come one way or another. Until next time.

Lovingly yours,


  1. And this is why you are "QueenBee!"

    Go girl!


  2. Awwww, he's soooooo sweet! You are truly blessed, my sister!

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