Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Hair today, gone tomorrow

There it is, I see it, I got it with the tweezers....now PULL. What is up with those ingrate chin hairs that come out of no where? I'm gonna pull it, yes I am. Some people say not to pull the hairs, but I'm gonna pull the hairs. Some people say it will grow back thicker, but still I'm gonna pull the hairs. It may not bother some, but it's got to go from me.

There are two women I work with. One has tons of facial hair and the other one has a moustache that is fit for a king. Personally, I couldn't do it. I would either have to get waxed, have electrolysis done or just shave it. So what if it grows back thicker; I would have me a stash of hair removal just like I keep a stash of pads and tampons. The hair would have to be gone every single morning before I walked out the door.

So one of the ladies I work with, her facial hair is very noticeable. I try not to stare at it when she comes to my office, but the makeup that is overlaying it makes my eyes wander in different directions. I keep telling myself not to make a face because my expression will surely show. As far as the other lady with the moustache....OH MY GOSH.... it has grown over her lip and it is all scraggly. She had better not go to sleep at my house because I will make the razor do what it do.

Lovingly yours,


  1. You are tooo funny! It'll probably be easier to just shave.

  2. Now you know you all kinda wrong. But it's true!

  3. I'm just going to say hello today!



  4. LOL

    I have the same problem under my chin. I get it from my momma.

    My favorite past time is plucking my chin hairs.

  5. I'm sooo with you! The first sign of a mustache or chin hair and I'd rid it by whatever means possible.

    BTW...LOVE your new siggy, very fancy. :-)

    Hugs ~ Sandy

  6. i just stare and wait for them to ask me what i am looking at but they never do..i always wondered why ladies don't wax off shave pluck whatever their mustaches and wonder what their men think when they kiss them