Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Time for letting go

Well here is an update of what came about with my office assistant. The 18 year old did not show up for one single day. No phone call, no nothing. He had until Thursday of last week to get in touch with me regarding this job. Well, well, well - he didn't, so I moved on. I must say that God always has a ram in the bush. I was sitting at my desk and when I looked up, there was an office assistant that had worked for me in the past. I thought maybe she came by to get a reference for a job but what she wanted was a job. How awesome! Here's the situation: This is a temporary job and I let the people know this before they agree to work in my office. We are given just so much money for the term and when the money runs out, well the person who I have as an assistant has to go. Boohoo!!! :-(

Anyhoo, this person I had about a year ago comes into my office and I tell her again that this is temporary, she said she knows, but anything sounds good when you don't have any money. She is familiar with how we do things and she doesn't have a problem with our work ethics. Even though the other person didn't show up, I had to move on and find someone else. She will start work today (hopefully). My point is this, even when you've tried and tried and given your all, you've given chance after chance, sometimes it's just time for letting go. Now I'm not telling anybody to leave their spouse or significant other, but if you are in a bad relationship, and you can't see the light for the darkness, it may be time for letting go.

Lovingly yours,


  1. There's a time for everything....a time to keep, and a time to let go....

  2. You gotta let go and let God.

    I'm happy that this door opened for her.