Friday, September 18, 2009

Don't try to be like the Bedenfields

There are some mornings where I get to work early, some mornings I am here right on time. It's not that I don't leave my house early enough, it's just that maybe I'm slowed down by a school bus or something unexpected. Well this particular morning, I decided to stop and grab me a sausage biscuit from What-a-burger because I had way too much time on my hand and it was humid outside, so I thought I would go in my office and sit and eat my breakfast. Since I was a little early, I just knew that nobody would come in my office requesting anything that early in the morning....wrong answer. So I am sitting there trying to eat my sausage biscuit in peace when one of my co-workers comes in and says, "So, what ya got there?" Now, the inevitable is that I'm eating a sausage biscuit, right? I could have said that and let it be done, but I knew that is not the answer he would have been seeking, so I said, "a sausage biscuit from What-a-burger." Ok now can I, sorry....he then asked me, "so how much did that cost ya?" Ok, look Mister, I want to eat my food.....GO AWAY...come back when I am actually on the clock.

I said it cost me $1.49...he then had to comment that he can't believe I spent a whole buck and two quarters on a sausage biscuit when Burger King had one for 69 cents. I said that I didn't want BK, I wanted just what I paid for. He said, "Oh I would never pay that much for a sausage biscuit. How do you afford to do it on a salary working here?" I wasn't trying to be ugly but does it matter how much I paid for my food. Some people I know have fancy houses, fancy cars and all that good stuff, but baby, I can't try to live the life of nobody else. I'm just thankful that I have a house to live in and not living under the bridge. If anybody comes to my house, and it's not clean enough for your standards, you have two options. You can either clean it the way you want it and I'll be fine with that or you can leave. My family and I live the way we want to live and we don't have to give justification as to why we do the things we do or don't do.

Some people may can afford to eat out every day, The Bedenfields can't and we don't try to. I'm happy that some of you can do that. But just because we do things one way and you do things your way doesn't mean my way nor your way is wrong. Don't misconstrue things. Everything that glitters ain't gold. Don't try to do it how we do it. You have no idea what we even had to go through to make it happen. Just be you and you'll find yourself a lot happier than trying to be like someone else.

Lovingly yours,


  1. Did you get to finish your sausage biscuit in peace?


  2. I would have locked the door or put a Do Not Disturb sign up. Don't mess with this Mama when she's eating!

  3. Oh poor you....hoarders are a real pain. What would he do if you got rid of it all? ;0)

  4. lol... you should have told him you worked the poles just so you can pay the buck difference

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