Friday, September 11, 2009

Like Mother, like daughter

The saying, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree" is about me and my daughter. The child is 16 and on most days she drive me nuts. No, not as in crazy, but just whatever it is I'm trying to say but can't say it. In our house, there is one mother, one father, one daughter, one son. With that being said, my daughter comes into my room and uses stuff like my brush and my comb. I can't stand that because she has our own. I put my stuff back when I'm done using it and so when I went in there, I see that my comb and brush has not only been moved, but used. I call her name through the house and tell her to clean out my comb and to put it back where I had it. Her reply, "Oh Mother, what makes you think it was me?" Hmmm, let me see, thoughts of preponderance of the evidence comes to mind....two females here, check. Both of us have hair..another check. She laughs but I am for real. I ask her why does she have to come and use my stuff when she has the same thing. She said, "Duh, mom, I just like being like you." Now that does sound darling and all, but if you know my daughter like I know my daughter, that is a suck up and a scheme for me to allow her to continue doing it. Teenagers are con-artists.

So there it was, an out of place bottle on my dresser. I know it wasn't me because I personally feel that everything has a place. I went closer to check out the misplaced item. My perfume bottle had been moved. That darn peskitty teenager!!! I went up to her and started sniffing her. She said, "Mother, umm, what are you doing?" I said, "Oh wow, you smell nice, what are you wearing?" She tells hubby, "I think she's on to me." Ok they thought it was funny and so I told 16 year old to stay out of my stuff. If she ask me can she use it, the answer might be no, it might be yes. But to go into my stuff and then not to put it back just makes me qwiver in me timbers.

But wait...there's more. Hubby is part culprit of this scandalous operational endeavor. { (I know yall like me using these big words, right!! :-) } 16 year old wanted to wear one of my watches. I wasn't home, so she had the audacity to ask hubby if she could wear one. He said that she could. I told him that he don't authority privileges to tell her that she can get my stuff. He said that he just knew I wouldn't mind. Well if you think that, my thing is to leave my stuff alone. I then have to go to her and ask for my stuff back. She doesn't care about her own things so I know she isn't going to care about nobody elses. She just handles everything all rough and has this nonchalant attitude like, "Oh well, if it breaks, ok."

I know you are probably saying that it is just stuff, material things. My thing is this: if we don't take care of what we have, how we gonna be able to take care of bigger things. We ask God for a house, but can't even take care of an apartment. He said that if we are faithful over a few things, He would make us ruler over many.

Lovingly yours,


  1. Now, at least yours are old enough that they understand what happens when they break your possessions. I came in my room this evening to find my 2 year had one of my diamond earrings in her mouth - and who knows where the other one is. Went into my closet, yep, jewelry box turned over. And she doesn't understand consequence....but then again, puttin' a lil tap on that behind might help her remember what a toy is and what a toy isn't!

  2. We are having the same issue in our house - but gender reversed. Son keeps using/taking hubby's stuff. I think it's more of a because I am big enough to wear your stuff know - let me rub it in your face kinda thing with them though. I wouldn't like it if someone was doing it to my stuff either.

  3. You got me on this one. My girls are only 6 and 1!


  4. How funny, you're the second person recently that I've heard call teenagers con artists. Scary isn't it how quickly they learn how to manipulate people. I agree if she asks no problem but just helping herself is rude.