Monday, September 7, 2009

A Reunion and then some

This past weekend was a stress reliever for all. We had been anticipating this reunion for quite some time. Some of us had to fill in where people didn't fulfill their part in this reunion. Since our last reunion two years ago, the reunion committee had been in process planning and gathering information to make this reunion a great success. Well about three weeks ago, my mom called me and said she needed me to help out because of a certain family member didn't do their part. I agreed to do it and I must admit that it all came together beautifully. The reunion was on the MS Gulf Coast, where I am originally from, and people came from here and there to see family. We only get together every two years and it's amazing how people change from year to year. I was glad to see everyone who came and oh my gosh, there was enough food there to feed an army. We did miss those who couldn't attend but we do love them just the same.

And then, there was also another reunion going on that same reunion. The past youth choir members, along with present members, had a reunion also where we all got in the choir and sang together. Now, I will admit that I can't sing but my parents made me sing in the choir as a child. I wasn't going to get up there with them, but my sister told me that it would be fun, so I did. Since I didn't get in to town until Friday night, that was my only rehearsal and on Friday night, we sounded like a bunch of horses pretending to be pigs. We sucked big time. I didn't know how this was going to turn out on Sunday. We were going to have to expect a miracle.....and a miracle did happen. Sunday morning we all had on our black and white, and once the musician and drummer got their stuff together, we sounded like professionals. I surprised myself. We got standing ovations and everything. I did have fun at both reunions but thank Jesus it is all over.That is me 4th from the left with the short hair cut on the second row. The 3rd from the left is my sister and the 5th from the left is my other sister.


  1. Reunions are lovely, I haven't had a reunion with anyone for such a long time. I bet it was wonderful getting together with all your family.
    BTW- sorry your assistant isn't working out.

  2. Oh! I wish we could have come to enjoy the generations of our family! What lovely pictures! It was also great seeing the picture of my Dad!