Monday, September 21, 2009

A change will come, BUT not today

If you think you will change your spouse, then give it up, it's not going to happen. If I've heard it once, I've heard it twice, "Girl, he will change once he gets married." Ha!! Not even. If you met your spouse in a club, then don't expect him to change once the ring is on the finger. My story is this, my husband is a hoarder, not in the bad sense of the word; but a hoarder just the same. I should have known that when I saw all this stuff at his place that he wasn't going to let it go. I didn't expect to change him, I did expect him to change on his own with him knowing the type of person I am. Not even! Why does he have to keep everything and then make it messy. He has a chester in our bedroom and I have a dresser. My stuff is all organized on my dresser with nail polish, perfumes, know, the girly stuff. His stuff on his side of the room, well, it's manly. I don't mess with his stuff, and he doesn't mess with mine. HOWEVER, I go in our bedroom one evening and he has flooded my space with his stuff. THAT'S THE POINT IN US HAVING OUR OWN SPACE. (that was a yelling moment but not at you all)

So in my very sweet and loving voice, I say, "Honey, can you please move your stuff off my dresser and put it with your stuff?" He says that he will but was just feeling kinda lazy and will move it later. Later to me meant by the time I got off work the following evening...later has turned into 3 weeks. I kindly remove his stuff and put it on his side, but somehow, more junk ended up on my side. You have got to be kidding me! I asked him what was the big deal in him putting his stuff on my side. He said it was just closer. I wasn't asking him to move it out of state, just across the freaking room. Why are there empty medicine bottles, old appointment cards after he's gone to the doctor and other stuff just taking up mass? He says, "Oh you can just throw that stuff away." No honey, YOU CAN JUST THROW THAT STUFF AWAY.

I feel like Old MacDonald. Except for a quack quack here, He's got stuff here, stuff there, here a stuff, there a stuff, everywhere stuff stuff. It doesn't just stop at the bedroom either. There is stuff on the couch and I can see if it was all nice and neat - Ba humbug! You ever seen someone who is wearing spandex and their behind is way too big for it - that's how I feel about hubby's stuff ----it's all a hot mess. Well he keeps telling me that he is going to either move it or throw it away. I don't even ask anymore, I'm tired. I just look at it and shake my head. Then he'll say, "I know, I know." All I know is that a change will come, but if I'm expecting it today, it just ain't gonna happen.

Lovingly yours,


  1. Anton doesn't even ask me sometimes about my stuff, he just gets in this mood where he gets rid of everything, (he said that clutter makes him not able to concentrate), and then I go looking for whatever in the place I last had it and he tells me, "Oh, yah, I got rid of that."



  2. it deleted my comment...but at first glance i thought you had posted a pic of my room

  3. His dresser sounds like my hubby's office desk. When I try to straighten it, he complains that he likes his "organized mess." I moved the desk behind the door. That way, I don't have to look at it!