Thursday, October 1, 2009

51 days until my birthday

I just had to post this. Ok, folks hear ye...hear of today, I have 51 days until my birthday. That would help to know for what happens next. Before the family and I went to church on last night, we had to go and get our 13 year old son a hair cut. That just seemed like the only day to do so with him having football practice every evening and then games on every Saturday. So hubby asked me to drop him off at the mall and to pick him up after the haircutting is done. I didn't have that idea in mind, because I thought hubby was gonna take him to get a hair cut and I could just sit in the car.

So I called hubby to let him know that I was done with son and that I was swinging back to pick him up and he said that he would be waiting outside. When I got to the mall, hubby has this bag in his hand, but I just knew he bought himself something...Yeah for him because he hardly ever thinks of himself first. So off to church we go, then home. Once we get home, hubby gets his bag out of the trunk and I was so excited to see what he got himself. But out of the bag comes this pink gift wrapped package and he hands it to me and I'm sitting there in shock like "uhhhhhhhhhh, what is this"

I was speechless beyond compare. If you would have been a fly on a wall, you probably would have seen spit drip from my mouth. I questioned, "For me?" He said yes. I was dumb-founded because I couldn't think of any special occasion that I had missed. Again I said, "For me?" But at the same time opening the gift and he says it's a very early birthday gift. He said that he knows my birthday is in November but he wanted to get me something right now. All I could say was thank you because I was so speechless that I didn't expect anything, at least not 51 days in advance. I gave him a kiss and I am still beaming. Of course the gift was perfume and a lotion set because he knows me so well and I did put some on before I got in the bed. So just in case you want to know so you can bake me a pound cake or throw cash and gift cards my way, my birthday is November 21.

Lovingly yours,


  1. Aww thats so sweet. What a kind thoughtful husband you have. Enjoy!! :0) xx

  2. I don't think I'll be able to forget your birthday if I wanted to since you and Firstborn share that very special day (smile).

    Did you find room on your dresser for another bottle of perfume and lotion? He's so thoughtful.

  3. What a coincidence! Our wedding anniversary is November 21st!