Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Do yall hear that?

Shhhh....listen....hear anything? Hmmm, interesting. Well check this out. I went to the gym as usual when I take my son to football practice. I drop him off and go back and pick him up after I've put in some sweat time.

There I was on the ab machine, minding my own business, feeling good, doing sit ups...and I start counting...and I hear something that says....TOOT!!! What the sheezy!! Folks, gas passed....and it was ME!!

It wasn't loud or anything, it was just that...a TOOT...and it didn't stink....AND it was just unexpected. I sat up and I dare not look around...that's a sign of guilt, but I did contemplate on going in the bathroom to see if I needed to push anymore out....nothing came....so back to the ab machine I go.....and the crazy thing is...I didn't feel it coming or anything. Has it come down to this as we get older that we can just fart without us being aware?! Somebody need to tell me something.

Lovingly yours,


  1. Ooops- oh dear......I think it is age my lovely...affects us all. What a thing to look forward to . :0((

    Just practise your "wasn't me look" ;0)

  2. Well, I'm in the 'beware-of-the-sneeze' phase. Don't go over any bumps while driving. Baby number three messed something up!