Friday, October 9, 2009

Just a few reasons why I need to go to work

Not to mention to get a paycheck from my job, but just to pay for stuff I either need or want is more than enough for me to go to work. I look forward to payday because I know that there are things that we need to take care of around the house. I don't know about you, but I love my ac in the summer and I love the heat when it does get cold around here.

As I was coming from lunch yesterday, my battery light comes on and then the car was hesitant about wanting to crank back up. I called my hubby and told him this just in case I was on my way home and the car stopped, that he would know my battery was going dead. He said to just go by Advance Auto to have it checked to see if I needed a battery. Sure enough I did so hubby said we needed to get a battery. I was thinking, what if I didn't have money to get a battery. Who would lend me money? Now that question sparks an interesting topic because I don't borrow money from nobody. Is it my pride? Could be. But I be thinking that just like we need our money, everybody else needs their money too.

I mean, once the check rolls in, we have it budgeted to what we need to pay. It is being stretched far and in between. But when something like a battery goes out, and we didn't plan for that...where then does the money come from? Heck if I know but I do know that God always makes a way. I told hubby that I need a second job. He said that I didn't and that we are doing fine just the way we are. But I can be thankful that I do have a job to go.

Lovingly yours,


  1. We budget for "just in case stuff" but actually we have a transportation budget. From these funds we gas up the vehicles and take care of maintenance with it as well.

    Of course we do not spend our full transportation budget each month, so it rolls over.


  2. You would not believe how many people have asked me "Why do you work?" I think it's funny. I have been working so long, the 1 year I took off from work, because I was pregnant and had two small kids, I still felt like I was working! I enjoy working - all hard work brings profit (Prv 14:23)

    Love ya!