Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's all in a name

How in the world did our ancestors get the word period out of menstruation? I mean, I've learned in school that we stop at a period, so why isn't this not applied in life? Why isn't it called comma or semi-colon, since we pause at a certain point in life. I could say, "Girl, yeah I'm on my comma today."
Are there one fish, then two fish? Are is it two fishes? Doesn't it seem strange that cactus is singular but cacti is plural? I think it should be two cactuses because cacti really sounds like some kind of disease.
Can somebody, anybody around the world tell me what the heck is gout?
Who is they? Or should I say, Who are they? I hear it all the time. "They said this, they said that." I just need to know who they are so I can punch them in the lip sometime.
Who names their precious baby Dick? Is that short for something? I can understand getting Tom out of Thomas, Bill out of William, Dan out of Daniel, Rob out of Robert...but Dick???

Ok I'm done here.

Lovingly yours,


  1. From what I've read: Dick is a nickname for Richard, which began by being shortened to Rich, then Rick, then: Dick.
    Yeah, I don't get that one either.

  2. ROFL!

    I ADORE you QueenBee!


  3. You are so funny. I love stopping by for my dose of humor! :-)

  4. As a kid, you have no choice, but I don't get why a grown man would want to be called that.

  5. *lol* Super cute! Hubby suffers from gout and it's an annoying and super painful condition. Quite plainly, it's a form of arthritis where uric acid builds up in the joints.