Monday, August 31, 2009

For Hire

Today is the first day that my office assistant was suppose to start. He was suppose to start at 2:30 central standard time. It is now 3:03. He hasn't called, he hasn't showed up. Should I give him another chance? I mean, this is the first day of work and this guy has already made a bad impression.

So I thought that everybody deserves a second chance at something. I mean, I don't even know how many more chances that God has given me...more than I can even count or even keep up with. This new worker of mine is 18 years old and has very little office experience so I thought instead of just throwing in the towel, I would call him to see what was up.

When I called my new office assistant and asked him what was up, he gave me the run down that he doesn't have a car and that his mom has to pick him up. I didn't want to go into detail because sometimes people have problems that we just don't really need to hear. I asked my new person if he still wanted this job and he said yes, and I did ask him if transportation would be a problem every day, and he said no. Ok, I said to myself that I would give him another chance. He has to finish up some paperwork first, but hopefully he will be able to start next week. We will see.


  1. How good of you....I hope he doesn't let you down. Yes, everyone deserves a second chance, you're right. :0)

  2. Glad you gave him a second chance. Remember what it was like to be 18 and not know anything (although we thought we knew it all!). I'm sure you'll teach him the "ropes" in no time at all.

  3. What a huge part you will play in this 18 year old's life. Just may be his first supervisor. No pressure, Queen Bee!

  4. I agree everyone does deserve another chance, but I believe in taking heed to experiences. You can't ignore what people show you of themselves the first time around.

    He should have called you, not the other way around. Just because you're 18 doesn't mean you lack responsibility and professionalism.