Thursday, August 13, 2009

A difference of opinion

People have to realize that an opinion is just that, an opinion. It's even ok if I don't have the same opinion as you and it's also ok if I feel your opinion sucks. I'm getting ahead of myself. This is how the story goes. I have this cousin who annoys the crap out of me. She is the type of person that will worry the horns off of a billy goat. She has been calling my house like 3 and 4 times a day wondering what is going on with the family reunion for this year. FIRST OF ALL, I am not even in charge of the reunion. So I told her that she needs to contact my sister in MS and get all the info from her because DUH my sister is over it this year. I also told my cousin not to call me anymore with this tomfoolery regarding a reunion. I gave her my sisters info and again said for her NOT TO CALL MY HOUSE. That was a waste of my breath. When she called again, I was at work and I told my family not to give her my work number; when she called again after that, I had taken my son to football practice so I still wasn't home; when she called again after that, I was gone to the store. SO this wench (would this be a good word) then had the audacity to tell my husband that she feels that I am ignoring her and wants to know how come I am never at home. (Ok I was ignoring her....and???)

...and your honor, this is how my hubby stepped out of bounds.....He tells me that I should just call her. I asked him why was he drinking kool-aid and didn't know the flavor. He asked me why I didn't want to talk with her. I told him that she is annoying me and that I don't know anything about the reunion. He said well just call her because it would be "the adult thing to do". Hold on, stop the he is dipping and dapping and don't even know what's happening. Do we all do things because it's the "adult thing" to do? (My hand is raised...oooo oooo pick me, pick me teacher.....the answer is HECK TO THE NO!.) So hubby then goes into this blahgee squagee how I SHOULD just hear my cousin out and to hear what she's got to say. I already know what she is going to say. I told him that I disagree with him and that I am not calling her back. Again he says, well you SHOULD agree with me and you SHOULD call her back.....As Madea would say...PUT THE SHUT TO THE UP!!!

I wasn't going to argue with my husband....I was not going to argue with my cousin....I am not calling her back and that is my final answer. That is why caller ID was invented because if I'm home and see her calling, I am not answering. I am actually going in to block her number from calling me.....oh dear, now that wouldn't even be an adult of me....what would the neighbors say......


  1. I don't understand her... maybe she just wants to talk.


    Hubby is just doing what men do. LOL

    Gotta love him.

    I dont think you should block her number from calling you.

  2. Are you asking for an opinion? The "Adult" thing to do would be to do what you choose to do because you are an adult and can make your own decisions.

    What would I do? Maybe call your sister and ask HER to call the cousin.

    When I have to call back someone who I've been putting off because a phone conversation is a looooong commitment, I usually call five minutes before I'm walking out the door, say "I've only got five minutes, but I wanted to call real quick and say hi! Oops, gotta run. Loveyabye!"

    Family is the tie that binds (and sometimes gags!)

  3. lmbo.. u are silly. please don't block her number because then we you get to the family reunion you will have to explain why you blocked her number and i think anything you would say would make you sound less adultish.. so just stay busy and not at home...

  4. True!! @ Luv's comment about blocking the number.

  5. I agree with Lara. Try calling your sister and tell her to call your cousin so she can stop blowing up your phone! :-)