Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm just saying....

I think just because I have a lively outlook, that people think I can't get upset every now and then. Well I do. Yes I love to laugh and make people laugh, and I am confident in who I am, but that's only a part of me. I hurt too. I get tired too. I am human. Well my daughter comes up to me and ask if she can go school clothes shopping. I want to know if her clothes have gotten too little, she said no and that she just wanted some new clothes. Now before you go into the "I'm a bad mother syndrome", I personally feel that every parent has their own different way of parenting. It doesn't mean it's right or wrong, it's just your way. Ok, back to my story.

So my daughter tells me that nothing is wrong with her clothes she has and I asked her if buyer newer clothes would help her learn better in school. She says no so I didn't really see a point in buying more clothes just to make her happy. I did compromise with her that when I go and work out at the gym that we would stop by to see what was on clearance and if the price was right, I might consider getting her a new top......well I didn't go and work out, I was exhausted after work and when she saw that I wasn't moving, do you know that child of mine just went and got in the bed and pulled the cover over her head!!! I asked what was wrong with her and we all know she said, "NOTHING." I knew it was because of she didn't get what she wanted when she wanted.

Stuff like that doesn't bother me. I didn't feel like going so I didn't go. I feel that I don't owe any child of mine an explanation for what I decide to do or don't do for that matter. I am not one of those parents who are afraid of their children, and I am not afraid to speak my mind whether they like it or not. I let my daughter be mad at the world for not getting a top. Ok, so I'm just saying...put your big girl panties on and deal with it. ...........................................................When people put their head between their legs and realize they stank, they will come up for air eventually....I'm just saying....


  1. Good for you. Too many parents these days cave to their kids and let them rule the roost. It won't hurt her to not get what she wants when she wants. Way to go - you get mom of the year in my book!

  2. Is she over it now? You sound a great mum & that you're doing a great job too. :0)

  3. Yeah i think alot of parents cave in or fear their children however I do know how it is to be the kid in school with "old clothes" and it is distracting.
    My plan to deal with this is to allow my son to earn these things. Going to school is your job just like going to work and providing for him is mine. If he is lousy in school he'll get teh bare minimums but if he excells I see nothing wrong with rewarding great work. Even if he's supposed to be doing well.
    The attitude she took as a result of you not going needs to be handled though. That temper tantrum stuff is too juvenile for a young woman.

  4. This truly made me smile today...
    "I'm just sayin'" is a phrase I need to incorporate in my life a little more often!

  5. I'll admit to being the mum that buys her kid new clothes at the beginning of the school year, but that's because she pays half the cell phone bill VOLUNTARILY, she maintains straight A's, fuels her own car, and the list goes one. She's earned the reward of being fresh for the first few months...I'm just!

    Love to live; live to love!