Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The super 8 tag

I've been tagged by the delightful Chic Mama in a tag of eights.
The rules are:
- Mention the person who tagged you.
- Complete the list of eights
- Tag eight others and let them know.

1) Eight things I am looking forward to :
-The kids getting out of the house
-Going to Alaska one day
-Going to Hawaii one day
-Going on a road trip with my mom and three sisters (it's a girl thing)
-Getting a massage
-Going on my next cruise
-Jesus' return (this should have been number one)

2) Eight things I did yesterday:
-Came to work
-Went to lunch with a co-worker
-Stayed on facebook way too long
-Took my son to football practice (any carpoolers out there)
-Check my bank account (was hoping for a miracle)
-Posted a blog
-Finally got around to checking all my e-mail and responding
-Took a bath

3) Eight things I wish I could do:
- Take a trip
- Take a nap
- Get paid before pay day
- Sew
- Play the piano
- Mute my family when I don't want to hear their ramblings
- Mute my coworkers when I don't want to hear their complaints
- Eat shrimp and crab all day

4) Eight places I would like to travel to:
-Virgin Islands
-New York

5) Eight places I've travelled to:
-Bahamas (x2)
-Houston, TX
-Disney World (Orlando)
-Six Flags (Georgia)
-Williamsburg, VA
-New Orleans, LA
-Jackson, MS
-Tallahassee, FL (and the list just goes on)

6) Eight people to tag:
I think I will just let all 8 of them know they've been tagged.


  1. Oooh I want to go to Hawaii some day too.

    I'm going on a cruise next week!!

    You're on Facebook?? Click my FB button on the left of my page and request me as a friend!

    Make sure when you come to NY we link up!

  2. Another great way to know more about you. Also, you always have such great music on your blog.

  3. hey i was tagged tooo.. i will have to do this tomorrow.. i think i am going to put child moving out for all 8 of looking forward to

  4. I like the mute button idea very much.