Monday, August 17, 2009

Patience is a virtue

Today is Monday and my house phone has been off since Wednesday of last week. (Of course I paid the bill) We believe lightning struck something when it did all that raining but we really wasn't sure. I called the phone company on Thursday to inform them that we had no phone service and they said that the quickest they could get to it would be that Saturday....well I and the family was out of town so that was not a good day. I asked them if they could come out on Monday to get the phone fixed and they said that was fine.

When I mentioned to hubby that we would be without a phone for a few days, he didn't like it that I was so calm about it. I wasn't frantic not one bit, but he, on the other hand, loves the phone and the TV. So I told him that it was nothing we could do about it until the phone people come and fix it. Hubby asked me to call them again and I was like, you know, I already called them and they coming out on Monday. He tried to defend his demeanor by saying, "We pay for service and we should get our phone fixed." OK I agree, but the phone company said there were a lot of phones out in our area and they were working on it as fast as they could. That's all I could ask for. I could be patient.

I was being as patient as possible and I can't make them come out no faster just because my husband was beginning to get irate. I told hubby to pretend we were already on vacation because we wouldn't be able to answer it anyway if we were not home. He said he couldn't pretend. (That was a laughing moment if you saw him acting like he was 3). Even though the phone company called me at work this morning to say they were on their way to my house to fix the phone, the quietness brought about some family time. There was no one to run as soon as the phone rang, no one had to fight over who got the phone first and the world did not end because we had no phone. I'm sure if somebody really needed to get in contact with us, they would have called our cell phones. (All four of us have one) --I just know that there will be tons of voicemail that I will have to listen to; but I can manage that because it will be all for peeps would have just e-mailed me. (hahahaha)


  1. I would be okay without a phone, but my computer would definitely be a test of my patience.

  2. It's amazing though isn't it....I don't think we'd even miss it as we have mobiles but.....the television now thats a different matter. Hope it gets fixed soon.

  3. I agree with Momsweb. Lack of computer access would mess with me. But thinking about it, all of this technology has really taken the place of true, quality family time. It's something to think about...

  4. LOL, "acting like he was, 3." I'm with everyone phone, fine. But look out if something happened and I couldn't get computer access!

    Seriously, you're right. Patience is a virtue and one worth learning. If we were all a bit more patient, it'd prevent us from taking our frustrations out on others and making hasty decisions that turn out bad--I think the world would be a better place

  5. Hehe your hubby sounds just like mine, wants everything yesterday and NO patience at all - i could do with no phone for a few days, pure bliss. Hope hubby cheers up :)