Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Things my father taught me

I know I am guilty of sometimes forgetting the dad in our lives. We think of him on Father's Day for a brief moment and then move on with whatever else we have to do. We think of him on his birthday when we spend all of three minutes searching for a card to mail two days right before his birthday, and we know it's gonna get there late. We think of dad on Christmas when we are trying to buy him a gift on December 24 when we've had moms gift way back in August. We do think of fathers, dads, pops, papa, daddy, big guy, bubba or whatever you call that man who donated sperm here or there.

So as I was driving my son to football practice on yesterday, I thought of my dad. Why? I don't know why, but these few thoughts came to my mind. I am the third of four girls. The only man in our house was of course, my dad, along with us four girls and then my mom. I asked my dad how did he manage with all women in the house and no other men. He said to me, "Daughter, I just prayed a lot." Growing up, especially on Sundays, I saw my dad dressed before any of the five women. He would say that he was being patient so that he could get out of the way in order for all five of his women to get in the mirrors. He never said to us girls nor my mother to hurry up. My dad played baseball with us girls and whenever either of us went on a date, he always gave us change just in case we needed to make a phone call.

My dad has taught me how to listen and observe. He would say that you could always tell how ignorant a person was just by listening to them speak. He also said that the brightest people are smart, not because of education, but my being silent most of the time. It took me a while to fully understand that but as I grew more into adulthood, it became very clear. My dad taught me how to tie a tie. I asked him one day why did I need to know how to do that. He said that if anything ever happened to him and The Lord chose to take his hands, then he would have one of his daughters to tie his tie for him. My dad taught me how to be kind to others. He said treating people how they treat you is not the way to be. My dad taught me how to mow grass, wash and wax a car. He said there may not be a man in my life who will do it for me. My dad taught me that every Tom, Dick, and Harry just may be Tom's dick that is hairy. (This was an awkward moment.)

My dad will make 67 in October and I'm thankful to have a father like my dad. He is the most humble person I know and he loves The Lord with greatness. He also taught me one more thing....he said, "Stand up to be seen, speak up to be heard, then sit down to be appreciated."


  1. Oh what a lovely post. Your father sounds are great & wise person. Lucky you for having him & appreciating him.

  2. That was beautiful! If I were you, I'd print that up and give it to him. . .even if you gave him a gold brick dipped in holy water for every "occasion" hereafter, it would probably the best gift he would ever receive from you :)

  3. I am guilty of not communicating with my father often. Part of it is my own neglect and the other part is how angry I get when I'm on the phone with him.

    I love him dearly, but you know how dads can be.

  4. How sweet! Sounds like you have a great relationship with your dad. I talked to my dad last night and it was a great conversation. Have a wonderful day!

  5. That's beautiful. Now print this post out and send it to him.

    Love to live; live to love!