Monday, February 1, 2010

You had to have been there

So I get up early Saturday morning to go and take a test to see if I qualify to work with the census. I was told to go to a local church in the area and since the test started at 9:00 a.m., I was to be there at 8:45. Not a problem. I left the house around 8:15 so that would give me plenty of time to get there. I arrived at around 8:25 and just sat in the car. No one was around, except me. I looked back on the paper where I had written down the address and yes, I was at the right place. Around 8:40, I see a white truck slowly driving down the opposite street. I thought, "Finally, someone is gonna come and open up the door." Then the truck got slower and then turned and then made its way back up the street again. At first I thought someone was coming to open the door then the devil got in my head...maybe someone is about to come and kill me in broad daylight and drag me in a wooded area. I made sure my doors were locked and had my phone in my hand. Ok shake it off QueenBee, you are not insane!!

The white truck must have been wondering if they were at the right place because my truck was the only vehicle there. Finally it pulled in and parked and then about a nano second after that, another vehicle pulled in. So I sat in my truck to see what the others were going to do and they stood up and looked around the place and I thought I should get out too. So I get out and the front door is locked. Ok, wait a minute, I'm at the right place...ON TIME...and the dog-gone door is locked. It is now 8:46 and it's cold. So I get back in my truck and just wait and see what will happen. There is this woman who showed up and went and walked around the back and finally found a man and he told us to come around that way.

Once I was inside, the instructions said for us to fill out the information how the example was and I did that. The instructions said for us to find our map code on this giant map and I did that and went and took a seat. This same woman said she was there to re-take the test and the man who was giving directions said that she needed to find her map code on the map. She said that when she went and took it the first time, that the guy didn't have her do that. This man said that if she couldn't it the way he wanted it done, then she could just leave. So it was 6 of us in the room and we couldn't get started until Ms. Know it all finally shut the heck up. She kept debating with the man, "well why I gotta do it this way" or "that's ridiculous" "are you sure about that".... I so wanted to throw a brick at her if I would have had one, not to kill her, but for her to stop talking so darn much. Can you actually imagine the headlines in the paper!

Lovingly yours,


  1. Girl you are so crazy. You are convincing me that "The Character Of My Mind" will be a best seller. LOL!

  2. now we know why she flunked the first time