Saturday, February 27, 2010

What to say and when to say it..Part Two

How many times has someone told you to have a nice day? Do they say it just to have something to say or do they really want us to have a nice day? What if I don't want to have a nice day but I guess since someone said it, then it must mean that I gotta have a nice day no matter what. If I don't have a nice day, I could be thrown in non-nice day jail and be a prisoner for the rest of my life. And our reply is, "You have a nice day, too" but do I really care if your day will or will not be nice. Hmmmm!

Seriously, why do we say the things we say? Are we really being truthful when we say it? Here's an example: You got your brand new Nike's on and you know you are looking fly and then someone comes and steps on your foot. The one who stepped on your feet says they are sorry and you know what we say - oh it's ok. LIAR!! It's not ok you blind moose. Here is what you really want to say: "I know you didn't just step on my brand new Nike's, you king tut look-a-like. I know good darn well that you saw this size 12 taking up a great mass of space." But yet, we smile back and say, "It's ok." And don't be in church and someone who has them 9 inch heels on step on your foot. I be wanting to scream, "Holy Mother of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts!"

When we have just learned that someone has died, are the first words you say are, "Oh, I am sorry" but are you really? Are you really sorry that someone you can't stand with a passion has died? Is it that we just don't know what to say but want our voice heard!!! Think about it. And somebody, anybody tell me why do we say, "Not my child". SHUT UP. It's your child too. Yeah your little angel at home is the same devilish person when you are away from them. Stop saying what your child won't do. That's a bunch of tomfoolery. They probably doing something now while you are reading this blog.

When asked, "what's wrong" and you reply, "Nothing", next time say this: Oh where should I start. My husband didn't put tissue on the roll again, I'm bleeding from the outside in, looking at you is giving me a migraine and if you wouldn't mind moving out of my way, I feel my fists ball up in some odd kind of way." There, well said.

Lovingly yours,

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  1. ROFL...I'm so glad I know you personally. LOL!