Tuesday, February 16, 2010

She almost tried me

My student assistant almost thought she tried me the other day or two or three. She is suppose to be at work starting at noon and do you know she had the audacity to be late and then put 12:00 on her time sheet! Oh but no sista. It don't work like that. She came walking in at 12:20 like she owned the world, didn't say sorry I'm late or nothing. I walked over to her and told her that I would appreciate it if she was on time for work and that she should call or something if she was going to be late.

She says to me, "I WAS here at 12:00. I was in the Math Lab." Stop the press. I told her that I don't care if she was talking to the president of the United States, when it's time to work, then it's time to work. Yes, we are all about education, but if she wanted to go to the math lab, all she had to do was come and check in and then ask if it was ok if she went back to the math lab for a little while when the work got slow. So she just took it upon herself to go to the lab and I'm waiting on her to get to work. I told her that if she can't be to work at 12:00, then she can either change her time to 12:30 or not come at all.

I know it sounds kind of harsh but this is not the only time she has almost tried me. The time before this, she comes in and starts doing her homework. I spoke with her and said that she needs to do all of her work first, AND THEN, if time permitted and that if work was slow, THEN she could do her school work but not before all the assigned work is completed. You would think I was talking to a 16 year old, but she is actually 27. I told her that her age didn't mean anything to me, she is still a student worker. She hasn't tried me again...yet or somebody ain't gonna have no job and she'll be able to spend all of her free time down in the lab as much as she wants.

Lovingly yours,

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  1. is this a paid position? lawd i hope not..yeah she too old to be acting like a big fish in a small pond