Sunday, February 21, 2010

Putting pudding on a prayer

Sounds stupid, huh for a title, but once you read on, you'll have that Aha moment. No need of beating behind the bush with this one, might as well jump right in. Hubby asked me if I didn't mind, to pass him a vanilla pudding out of the refrigerator. I opened the fridge and gave him exactly what he asked for....a vanilla pudding. As I passed it to him, he gave that look (not THE LOOK, but a look non the less). He said, "Not this one, the other one." Ok, and that is where I paused and was almost at the disgruntled stage. I said to hubby, "Did you NOT ask for vanilla pudding?" He said, "Well I meant the other one." I looked inside the fridge to make a point that there was not any other vanilla pudding. So I thought he was having a moment of senility.

I asked him if that was not what he wanted, then WHAT IN THE HECK DO YOU WANT? He said, "Oh I meant that I wanted a chocolate mousse." So then I said, "Well that's not what you asked for and then next time, if there should be one, to be more specific as to what you want." And that is where the "preaching" began.

I said, "See that's exactly how we treat God." He sat and listened because he had no idea where a pudding and prayer were going to go hand in hand. I continued, "See, we pray for something that we THINK we want, and when God answers your prayers, you be like, Oh no, Lord, this is not what I wanted." I also continued, "We pray and ask God for a wife, and then when He gives us a nagging, complaining, club-hopping, one-legged, bald, half alligator, half giraffe, our reply is 'oh no, this ain't what I wanted', but is this NOT what you asked for, you asked for a wife."

Hubby then looked at me cock-eyed and said, "You said all that to say what?" I said, "The moral of the story is to be specific, is that so hard to do." He said he saw where I was coming from and apologized for assuming I knew what he wanted. He did say he would do better. And that, my friends, will be more of a prayer, forget the pudding.

Lovingly yours,



    I know alot of praying for something, receiving it but then saying that this is not what I NOT pray for patience!


  2. LOL! Love the pudding and prayer analogy! So true!