Friday, February 26, 2010

What to say and when to say it..Part One

Sometimes we get caught up with wanting to say things that we say stuff just to say it. We don't realize how stupid someone sounds until they open their mouths and start talking. And then we want to look at them like, really, was that even necessary! My daughter and I normally go to the gym together and this past week has just been busy so we didn't get a chance to go. Hubby says to me that I should go to the gym before we go on our cruise to Mexico which is like 30 days away. I'm looking at him because I do know I will be going within 30 days and I asked him why would he even mention the gym. He said so that my legs could be in great shape for all the walking we will be doing....and that, your honor is how he ended up with all his teeth knocked out. Even though I keep telling you all I am not a violent person. I really am not.

So when he said that, the first thing I want to know is, "so you think my legs are not in shape?" After all, we have been to the Bahamas twice and I did fine with all the walking and I wasn't even going to the gym then. He said he didn't mean it in that way. So why did you say it in that way? I keep telling him it's not what you said but how you said it. Moving right along.

My sister in MS has a major problem. When she and her husband are out somewhere and some woman looks at her husband, she has to get all bent out of shape, talking loud and asking the woman why is she looking at her husband and then wants to know if her husband knows the woman. So I asked her what was up with all the drama. I told her woman are going to look at him just like men look at her. I also said that if no one was looking, then you'd probably be wondering to yourself how much uglier can this person be if NOBODY looked at them or complimented them.

I got one more question. Why do we women want to know if these jeans make our butt look big? Now we know that your butt was big before you got in the jeans. All the jeans did was give it covering. Did you think it was suppose to make it shrink like 4 sizes smaller? Think again. It's still big.

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