Thursday, February 25, 2010


Is that even such a word? Well today it is. We tend to avoid subjects such as these, but hey we know it's gonna happen and for the men either in our lives, or the men we come in contact with, they know what the deal is. They may be saying, "Ughhhhhh", and for that, we are thinking the same thing about you all, except in other ways.

Well I have never ever had a cramp in my life. I'm not boasting about it, just blessed about it. I can't tell my daughter that I know exactly what she is feeling because I've never ever been there. If it's anything like labor, Lord thank ya! So I'm telling my 16 year daughter when her cycle is to come on and that she should start taking her anti-pain relief like a day before. She says to me that I am jinxing her. Jinx? What the heck!! Do people still say that?

So I go to her on Sunday and said, "you will be abnormal probably starting on Wednesday." She said, "um, mother, could you not jinx me" and so Wednesday came and a text came through on my phone from my daughter that said, "Now I am hurting and I feel miserable and it's because of your thoughts". This child is like Satan's envy of wrath when she cramps. YIKES!!! When I got home I said to her that if she would have listened to me then she could have taken that pill and not been in as much pain. She asked me how did I become so blessed. I could not explain to her why God chose to do what he did but I know I am grateful for it.

My daughter also asked me how can I keep up with her cycle and she can't even keep up with it. I told her that I'm gonna keep up with it as long as she is under our roof and that I'd rather buy pads than be buying pampers and formula any day.

Lovingly yours,


  1. Hehe, you make me laugh. I used to suffer terribly when I was a teenager but when I had my children labour wasn't so bad.Still felt it but it certainly wasn't any worse than the cramps I had. I'm sure my uterus was practicing!! Tell your daughter that, she may feel better. xx

  2. LOLOLOLOL....I love how you tell your stories! I envy you and feel for your daughter; I suffer from heavy cramping too. Taking a pain killer the day before does not work though, best to take some Midol when they start. Usually I forgo pain killers altogether, I choose to take Magnesium and extra Vitamin C and stay away from sugary foods and drinks (unless it's day too...give me chocolate and soda or someone will DIE! LOL).

    BTW...ewww on that cake! I don't blame you!