Saturday, February 20, 2010

Until death us do part? HUH!!

I often ask myself the question, "Why do people want to get married?" When we get the announcement either by mail, in person or either e-mail, I be wanting to ask the other person, "why?" Not that marriage is a bad thing, it's not, because that is God's will and that if you can't sustain your sexual desires, well it is a good thing to be married. But what about the "until death do us part"? I mean, think about it. Besides sex, what makes a person want to ask us to marry them and then stick with us until the end of time? You mean, as in, FOREVER!! .....DUDE!!

Do they see the beauty or the booty? (Ok, like I'm the only smart person one who has thought this!) When a man asks a lady to marry him for life, do he really know what he is getting into? When hubby and I were dating, and he came to me one day and said that I would make a perfect wife, I almost looked at him cock-eyed. Me? A perfect wife? Let's break this down, shall we? I said, "every night I go to bed, I have a rag on my head, now is that what you want to see every night?" His reply was, " I won't have to see you, the lights will be turned off." I'll admit it was funny but do you actually think he wants to see this rag tied around twice on my head just to make sure my hair looks good in the morning? (if that was a run on sentence, you English people, charge it to my head who is thinking this stuff)

I know we stay stuff to get the other person, but do I really want to put up with late night snoring until one or the other croaks and dies? Seriously! Do I really want to see hubby walk around with all this chest hair protruding like little ants? And I'm sure he don't be wanting to see my breast let out of their cage at the end of the day.

One of my things is that I love to write. It could be about nothing, I just love doing it. Why in the bacon and tomato dressing would you come over and ask me what I'm writing! It's sooooo obvious to me that if I really wanted you to know, don't you think I would share it with you. Like totally!

Until death do us part, you mean to tell me I have to constantly look at his cluttered dresser until I'm like 108? OMG...if I have to put that toilet seat down one more time.. scream....uggghhhhh......I'm gonna leave that one alone for now. Being single has its rewards, you know. (LOL) What are some of your quirks or qualms about being married if you have had the courage of a lion gone down that road?

Lovingly yours,

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  1. ROFLOL!!!!! Girrrl, there isn't enough space in this box for me to share about marriage, which is why I'm writing a book! LOL!