Friday, February 5, 2010

Fourteen grey hairs, now what?

Before I went to bed, I started counting one, two and then ended up with fourteen so far. Grey hairs, that is. I wasn't upset or anything. I actually think the grey hairs look nice. It just compliments my beauty. My daughter asked me if I was going to color the grey. I told her that I was not and that I thought it looks good in my head. I've seen people my age who already have either a head full of grey or halfway there. For all I know, there could be more, but the fourteen I did count were just as silky and beautiful. I couldn't stop staring in the mirror. Not because I'm conceited or anything, but the grey didn't give any warning or anything. It just popped up and there it was. It is barely noticeable but it is just soooo cute. (you probably can't see them, but they are right there on the edge)

So my daughter, who is 16 and has way more grey than I do, says to me that I am getting old. Was that suppose to bother me? I'm sure she meant it to, but it didn't. I said to her, "girl, getting old is a blessing." I've seen people who are my age and they look soooo old. When someone asked me my age at work, I asked them how old do I look first. The best one was that I didn't look a day over 35. So flattering! When I told them I would be 40 in November, the replies were, "well you don't look like you'll be 40." Well I will be. Then they asked how old hubby is, and I said that he is 60 and will be 61 in March. Yes, there is a 21 year difference.....and?.....

I don't drink and I don't smoke, so the grey doesn't bother me knowing I am aging gracefully and loving it. You've got to love yourself and be happy no matter how many grey hairs come. This is just the beginning and I'm here to embrace it. Watch out world, there's a QueenBee coming to your town!

Lovingly yours,


  1. I have huge chunks of grey....started in my twenties. Wow- twenty one year age difference, thats amazing! xx

  2. The grey is just a reminder to complete your guest list and reserve the building. Get busy!

  3. my unc has a head of grey...he looks so distinguish.. ofcourse he tells everyone that i gave him most of them.. u look fine and even with a magnifying glass i couldn't see the grey