Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What do married couples do?

My 16 year old still thinks she is somewhat of a baby at times. As I was preparing myself to go and get in the bed and take a good night's sleep, she comes and jumps in the bed right in between me and hubby. I could feel the sleep in my eyes overpowering me and all I could see was my head following the call of my pillow say, "come to me my child and rest upon me." I was so ready to answer the pillow. I asked my 16 year old child what was she doing in there with us and she said that wanted to bond with her parents. I went ahead and allowed it but good grief, I wanted her to leave...quickly, by golly, I was sleepy.

Before I told her to leave, she took it upon herself and hopped up and said, "well I'll go now so you two can do what married people do." Ummm, excuse me. My eyes popped open. I said, "so we can do what?" And again she said, "whatever it is that married people do." I looked at hubby and he looked at me and shrugged his shoulders. I then turned to my daughter and asked her what do married people do, she said that she got that off TV and thought she would say it. She laughed. So then she turned to hubby and said, "so what do married people do?" He looks over at me as if I was suppose to answer. He could see that my head wrap is on and I've already snuggled up on my pillow, and he then tells my daughter that tonight he is about to watch TV and that the other party (of course talking about me) is about to meet Mr. Sandman.

So after she walked out the room, I vaguely looked over at hubby with a half-way smirk on my face and asked him could we do what married couples do...he patted me on my shoulder like I had made a good grade in school and said, "GO TO SLEEP!!" I so declare that was funny because he actually used his deeper voice and I dozed off to sleep after that.


  1. ROFLOLOLOL! Not only is this funny but it's sweet too! Not too many 16yos would feel comfortable visiting their mother and fathers the way your daughter did--yay, she still has some kid in her. :-)

    Hugs ~ Sandy

  2. LMAO
    your family is quite comedic.
    this is funnt and like MFF said very sweet and endearing.

  3. LOL! You're daughter is funny. Mine still acts like a kid sometimes and she's 17. Her recent childlike episode manifested when she wanted the Tinkerbell and Nemo plates and the Wall-E cup that were on sale at the Disney store.

    As for what Married People Do...mine knows what Grown Folk do and she teased me on my recent overnight company. I got the loving pat and the question laced with a smirk..."so? how was your night?"

    love to live; live to love!

  4. Awwww, she is too cute.
    I love how she had no problem asking her dad that question.
    Those moments are priceless.

    I replied to your question on my blog, you will find it very interesting. *wink*

  5. LOL! Soooo, hubby is well enough to do what married people do? LOLOLOLOL

  6. I dare not laugh nor make a rash comment because I know my time is coming and I do not want to hear you say, "That's what you get for laughing at me!"