Saturday, July 18, 2009

A cup runneth over

Just from the title alone, you would probably be thinking I am talking about a mug or a coffee cup. Nope. I am referring to my daughter's cup size, as in bra. I'm tickled pink to be even typing this but it was hilarious as it happened. She put on a shirt one day and I asked her what did she have on under her clothes. She said that she didn't understand what I was talking about. So I asked her what was all that jiggly stuff. She laughed and said, "oh that?" Um, yeah that. Her breasts could no longer fit the bra. There was jiggly stuff in the middle and her bra was just covering some extra breast meat on the side somewhere. I told her that we needed to go bra shopping because the bra she had on was of no use to her anymore and she said that she had several like that one.

I hardly ever (which really means really close to never) use my Belk card. I just have it, so I thought I would pull that thing out and go and get my daughter a really good bra in the mall. (I hate the mall with a passion.) But it wasn't about me. I told her to shower first before we left because she was going to be trying these bras on; and also she was going to get fitted by a bra specialist for the very first time. (Can you imagine your title being a bra specialist...LOL) So off we go to the mall and she is as jolly as ever to get some new bras from the mall (instead of Wal-mart or K-mart). I told her that she could get up to five and that if need be, we would come back at another time. But she opted to get two instead and they fit so much better. She said that she didn't think a bra could make your clothes look better. I knew for a fact that it does, especially me, being a plus size (but gorgeous) chic.

Well my daughter is happy for now. I am happy that I don't have to see them jiggling basketballs out of the net. They are finally in a comfortable resting place where they belong.


  1. Great post. Too funny. My daughter's only 6 so I'm not there yet, but can only brace myself for what the near future brings.

    Sounds like it was a great mommy & me moment.

    Winks & Smiles,

  2. Great story! I've never really had a problem with overflowing my cups, but since becoming pregnant, my bras are fitting much differently, and I'm a little afraid of bra shopping because as soon as I buy something, my size seems to change again. I'm not even sure how to prepare for what's going to happen once the baby is born! Yikes!

  3. LOL, I knew this was going to be a funny post when I saw the title in my sidebar! My daughter is only 11 and leans towards the "itty bitty" committee club side. We bought her a few sports bras because she cannot even fit into an "A" cup yet.

    Isn't Motherhood the best?! Glad you no longer have to look at the jigglys. :-)

    Hugs ~ Sandy

  4. How cute!

    I remember when this was happening to me and all my clothes were looking crazy. I went to marshalls and tried on what seemed like hundreds of bras--by myself.

    You're an awesome mom!

    As a teacher I see so many students who's parents aren't involved at all.

    Thanks for taking your job as a parent seriously.

  5. LMAO
    and teach her about black bras/underwear with white clothing.

  6. LOL. I'm so happy you noticed her jiggle and actually did something about it. Some people think that's sexy. Gross!
    One thing about getting fit for a bra is that it tells the TRUTH. I wasn't happy that I was demoted from B cup to an A cup. Hey, my clothes look better, but it didn't make me feel better.