Monday, July 13, 2009

This and that

Our church went to Montgomery, AL on Sunday, July 12 but my family and I decided to drive up on Saturday and stay the night. I had never been there except for passing through on my way to other places. It was a nice little get-a-way for the norm and the weather was actually bearable.....until....we got to church on Sunday.

As the kids always say, OMG!!! It was sooooo hot in that church. I know the air was on because I could feel it when I first walked in the foyer, but inside the church was a total different story. My husband starting sweating like he was the pig in a blanket. Every time he wiped his shiny head, more sweat seemed to pop up from nowhere. He took off his suit coat, then unloosened his shirt and tie. I really thought he was gonna pass out right there. The church probably would have thought he had fallen out from catching the Holy Ghost. I tried to fan him but that was only working for a brief moment. Dinner was served and then after that, we hurried to our car where there was much air awaiting us.

How in the world did we ever survive without AC? Or any of the other stuff that we have find ourselves "comfortable" with? As we were packing our stuff for this overnight stay, I was just in awe at how much "stuff" we feel that we need. There are the cell phones for all 4 people in my house, then there's my Ipod, my daughter's mp3 player, my son's PSP game, the portable DVD player, the laptop, the GPS, and this and that. Please share how you all survived life before all this modern technology.


  1. Your poor Hubby! I can really relate to how he must have felt because I have the same reaction to extreme heat.

    Your question about how humans survived without an A/C really is something worth pondering about...I cannot imagine living in the South without one!

    Hugs and Have a Lovely Day ~ Sandy

  2. I'm actually still trying to live without all that stuff.. We no longer own a portable DVD player. We do not own a GPS, Anton likes to read a good old-fashioned paper road map that we never have to worry about recharging batteries for.

    Neither of us own MP3 players or Ipods. We listen to the radio or our CD's or sometimes, we just talk and listen to our kids ask, "Why is it taking so long?"

    We do have a cell phone, but majority of the time we forget it, especially if we are all together!

    The AC, well, we lived without it for eight years while in Japan. Base housing did not have AC. So now, we do use it since we have it, but it is not on every and all day.


  3. Hahahaha @ how hot the church was.

    A few months ago, my step mother was announced Mother of the Year at the church she and my father attend. My fiance and I went to support her and it was sooooo hot in there. I know exactly what you went through. we had to step outside a few times because it was cooler outside then inside.

    To answer your question, I sometimes try to think how it is I did live without a cellphone... I'm only 24 and I got my first cellphone while in HS and prior to that time I called my friends early in the moring while we were getting ready for school-So I knew they were home and they knew I was too. We'd chat on the walk to school or we'd meet up during school to plan the rest of the day. We also talked at night.

    We had computers and email too during my JR High and HS years, so that was a common way to communicate as well.

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  4. Since washing my cell phone almost a month ago, I haven't had one and I LOVE IT. I wouldn't replace it at all if hubby didn't insist I get one - good grief! Our microwave went out a few days ago and I loved watching the boys trip over not having one. Tooo funny. We finally purchased another one and I bought the smallest, less expensive one I could find. Sometimes it's nice to be without the luxuries of life. We don't know how blessed and GREEDY we are sometimes.