Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Random things about me

First and foremost, I don't have cramps when my cycle comes on. I never have. I used to count the days when to expect it coming, now it just pops up whenever. It may be 35 days, may be 61 days...I just don't know......I don't have nor have I ever had hair on my legs. I don't eat mustard or ketchup, but I eat tomatoes.....I don't eat coconut - gross!!! I hate squash and asparagus, yes I've tried it and it tastes like a bad diet has gone wrong. I do love collard greens, but I hope it's a weekend when I eat them or else, your air freshener will be used up in a very familiar place because those collards go right through me. This is also the same for grape juice and cashews...I love it but it doesn't love me.

I hate snakes and lizards with an utmost passion. I don't drink coffee. I've never had a Brazilian wax but if it's anything more stinging like getting my eyebrows wax, then I'm not sure I want that done. I have been to the Bahamas twice. I love shrimp all kinds of ways (except coconut). If I could marry Richard Gere, he would be my next husband. OK maybe my boyfriend, I don't think I want to ever get married again. I am so into hoop ear-rings, except for the ones that come all the way down to my shoulder. I don't smoke and I don't drink.

My favorite color is purple. I love all kinds of music. I don't consider myself very photogenic but I love to snap other folks picture. I love humor and comedy. I hope I don't cry over a man if he doesn't cry over me. I'm not self-absorbed but I love myself. I wear a size 12 shoe and I have every color watch except green and fuchsia but I'm working on that. I am originally from MS and I'm the third daughter of four girls (no brothers). Well I bet from all of that, you probably feel that you know me already. Have a wonderful day in blog land.


  1. I too hate snakes with a passion. Hate em. Even seeing them on the screen makes me squirm and hyperventilate.

  2. I love purple and Richard Gere also! What a coinky dinky!

  3. Oh. My. Gosh...did I read LaVender right? ROFL

    QueenBee, I loved this post, you are too freakin' FUNNY! Richard Gere? Really? The only other man who takes my breathe away aside from my hubs is Brad Pitt...what a man!

    Hugs ~ Sandy

  4. What's up with all the watches? Do you have a watch fetish? My husband does, he can go to a store and look at watches in awe for a very long time. Of course I don't get it.

    Great way to let it all out about yourself and I love the bunny!


  5. I like you never have and never do get cramps on my cycle.
    My mom doesn't either!

    Yay to us!

  6. my ex husband favors Richard Gere. thanks for sharing the little tidbits of who you are; nice to know a little more about you.

    love to live; live to love!

  7. A brazilian wax isn't all that bad. What's worse is being on all fours with your ass in some strangers face whilst you try your darndest not to fart in their face. Now THAT is uncomfortable.