Monday, July 27, 2009

Shoe and Tell

No, I didn't mean to put Show and Tell. This story is about a pair of shoes that had me highly upset over the weekend. And it wasn't even my shoes. Well sit back and enjoy this one. This is more lengthy than the rest.

It all started on Saturday evening when hubby came into the living room and asked me had I seen his shoes. I told him that I don't keep up with his stuff and that if he didn't know where they were, I sure as heck didn't know where they were. I could have given a simple "no" but it was "how" he asked me like I had shoes for lunch or something. I always tell him that it's a matter of how he says things verses what he says. He always says crap like, "Geez, well HOW do you want me to say it?" (with attitude) Anyway, back to the shoes. The last time he wore the shoes was when we were in Montgomery about two weeks ago. He had the audacity to ask me if I left the shoes in the hotel room. Now ladies, again here we go with the mumbo jumbo of words here. How come he didn't ask me, "do you THINK you left the shoes in the room" instead of just accusing I did it. Ok now I'm pissed off but I'm trying hard not to show it. I then tell him that it was not responsibility to pick up his stuff that he should have put in the bag in the first place.

He wants to know why I went there. I asked him why is he stressing about them shoes. I told him that it's not like he doesn't have more than one pair, and that it wouldn't change his life one way or the other. I could have been nicer, and I do know that if I would have lost a pair of shoes, I may be upset for a minute and then get over it but I wouldn't have blamed nobody but myself. Ok, so hubby then asks me to find the number to the hotel and I did and he calls the hotel to see if somebody turned in some shoes from two weeks ago. Of all things this man could have said, he then had the 2nd audacity to tell me that it was my job to make sure everything is out of the hotel when we leave. I almost felt a poltergeist come over me. I was not about to start an argument, so I went in the room and went to bed. I heard him call me a few times but I didn't answer. I pretended to be sleep.

Well lo and behold, I got up Sunday morning thinking about them shoes and I was saying to myself that I am not going to let this man of a husband that I have steal my joy. Something told me to go in the office and look in a few boxes just to see if I see the shoes he can't find. I look in one box, no shoes...I look in a second box, no shoes...I look in a third box, WHAT!! Could it be...nah, can't be. I woke my son up and took him the shoes and asked him if those were the shoes that hubby were looking for. Son wakes up with crust in his eyes and says, "no ma'am those are not the shoes." I can say that I tried right? When hubby woke up, I brought the shoes back up and asked him what color were the shoes (he was in better spirits by then) and he said what color they were and how they were made. I said, "oh really." I went back in the office, pulled the third shoe box that I had previously and opened the box and BAM! there were his shoes. He said that he had looked everywhere and didn't see them shoes. He asked me where did I find them. I told him they were right there in the third box right in front of his face.

I was questioned and rejected. I was accused and scorned. I brought reality to life. Is this not the life of Jesus!


  1. You are so hilarious! I grinned and snickered through this whole post.

    Isn't it just like a man to think that we have moved things around?

    I'm glad you found the shoes. Did dear hubby issue an apology? :-)

  2. lmbo... you were nice enough cuz i am sure you could have really told him where his shoes were... that was very big of you to go look for the shoes cuz, i'm not sure i would have...which is why i am working on me so when i get a joy stealing husband, i will be able to play my part

  3. LOL! This is a reminder of why I enjoy living alone; well, me and lil lady!

    love to live; live to love!

  4. LOL @ BAM!

    What would he do without you??

  5. LOL! Shame on you for not checking and double checking the hotel room before you guys checked out. Girrrrl, you know that's your job! Toooo funny!