Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A maxi pad saga

We are the type of parents that have told our children that they could come and talk to us about anything, whether we agree with them or not. Well my daughter sent me a text at work and said that she was cramping and I already know when that time of month comes, that she is cranky and she wants us to pet her like she's 3. I can not relate to her pain because I have never ever had a cramp in my life nor have I ever had hair on my legs. I'm not bragging, but that's another post another day.

She came into our room (again) and just as I was about to get in the shower, she has something in her hand and then went up to hubby with this maxi-pad in her hand. She said, "guess what?" Hubby said, " I don't know, what?" She said to him that he is very lucky that he doesn't have to wear one of these (referring to the pad she is waving in his face). I said, "girl, put that thing away." Hubby chuckled and said that she was fine and then she told him to catch, and sure enough he holds his hands up to catch something and she throws the maxi-pad at him.

The two of them thinks it's a game and he says back to her, "now you catch." And do you know that the two of them are playing catch with a sanitary napkin!! She then jumps in our bed and asks hubby if he can rock her because she feels bad and that her uterus was twisting and turning and do you know that he did. I just shook my head and went on my merry little way. I think we put the fun in dysfunctional.


  1. LOL, now if your dd isn't a Daddy's Girl I'd be very surprised. A lot of dads would totally freak in the same situation. :-)

    I get cramps like your daughter--they suck!

  2. Aww! That's adorable. They have a great relationship and he sounds like a truly great dad...and husband! Your lil lady reminds me of, loving, and crazy!

  3. Yeah that's a little wierd but dysfunctional it is not. Your family is hilarious. this was a cute story

  4. I love your family!

    The very thought of telling my daddy how my uterus feels is scary!

    I'm taking notes for when my family comes.

  5. Well, they are Always and they are known for their wings so it's fitting that the sanitary napkin was "flying" around the room.

    No hairy legs, no cramps?????? You go girl!!!!


  6. You definitely put the "fun" in dysfunctional! It's funny because I could NEVER talk to my parents about that stuff. I still don't, and I'm 31. And pregnant! I had a fantastic childhood, but I was just very uncomfortable with "those" topics. However, I talk to my husband about things that I never thought I'd say out loud, and I love it! I hope our kids are comfortable talking to us about all of that "weird" stuff. Thanks for the laugh--this was a great post!

  7. it's good you guys have an open relationship..i didn't tell my mom or dad when i started my cycle and i surely did not discuss my painful cramps... and a rocking me??? yeah that wouldn't have happened