Monday, July 20, 2009

One hundred dollars and counting

My 13 year old son had his mind set on playing football for quite some time. When he came to me and said he wanted to play, I was sort of thrown back because his favorite sport is basketball. My husband and I try to teach our children about hard work and dedication and that nothing in life is free. With that being said, my son inquired about the football team (or league) he wanted to play on and that it would cost $100.00 to register. He was mowing the grass in our neighborhood just to save up $100.00. I watched him as he got out in that heat with sweat dripping off his brow determined that he was going to play football.

The mother part in me wanted to give in and tell him that I would pay for it for him, but the other part in me wanted him to see that he will not be 13 forever and that anything we want in life, we had to work for. I've also told my kids that if there was anything they wanted to do, to get me all the information first before you come to me and then when they've done all they can do, that's where I try and see what I can do on my end. I don't want them to expect that we are suppose to do everything for them.

Well, one evening my son came to me with a piece of folded paper. I just assumed it was something he had written me, and I asked him if he wanted me to open it now. He said yes. I opened that piece of paper and in it was one $50.00, one $20.00, and three $10.00. Inside the note he had written what team he was wanting to play for, where the address was, the phone number, the date to register from one time to the next. I was so amazed and so proud of him. The next step was for me and hubby to get him where he needed to be. He was an extremely happy camper that day, especially knowing he had to work for what he wanted and that it didn't come easy either.


  1. Dear 13 year old - keep hope alive. QueenBee this is so wonderful. I think young boys, future fathers, should definitely learn to PROVIDE at an early age. Cyber high five to you and dad and of course to God be all the glory for giving you wisdom and knowledge in giving 13 year old direction. Can my 13 year old come over? LOL

  2. Wow, that is awesome! Great teaching for him and for a youngin' like myself! Thanks!


  3. What an ambitious young man you have! I hope he enjoys the football team that he worked so hard to become a part of.

  4. That is awesome. You're raising a fine young man right there. This entry warms my heart.

    love to live; live to love!

  5. I said it once before and I'm gonna say it again.


    The best thing you can do for children is assist them in developing INDEPENDENCE, RESPONSIBILITY, and SELF RELIANCE.

    Like you, my parents did this for me. They are from Africa and eventhough they are here in America, where people think everything is "given" to you, they made sure I did everything on my own. That's why I'm always hustling, so to speak.

    I'm always developing skils and keeping myself educated and well versed in so many subjects to keep myself employable and well rounded!

    When you come and read my most recent post you will see exactly what I'm talking about. :0)