Saturday, March 19, 2011

Prom, panties and pink stuff

Today was tiring. My daughter and I went to go and look at prom dresses. Oh my gosh!! I really didn't know prom dresses cost as much as they do today. When I was a senior, I do remember going to this place called Josephine's in MS where we could go and rent prom dresses and then take that dress back the following Monday. I can't find anyplace like that here in Florida. Of course I saw dresses that I like but of course the stuff I like, my daughter doesn't like. She wanted to break the bank and I told her that I had a job when I was a senior, and so therefore, I was able to help my parents with prom stuff. I know this is a once in a lifetime event but geez, we seriously need to find a place that rents dresses or I may have to take up being a seamstress.

There was one dress my daughter liked alot and it was very pink. It wasn't a bad looking dress but that 230 dollar price made me want to go and slap somebody silly. The dress was a smidgen too big and that was the only one they had. I told her that I don't think we will be getting that dress not today, not ever.

So as we were looking at prom dresses, our daughter saw a variety of underwear and stopped and said, "oooo these are some cute underwear." She started compiling her several ones and I asked her if she had any money on her, she said no. I told her that she need to put them back because she has plenty of panties and that my goal today was to try and find a prom dress. We did see one she liked, even though that price of 170 is still high, it's cheaper than 230. It's still hanging on the rack though. I don't know how my parents did this with four daughters. Any other suggestions?

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  1. Why don't you look on kijiji, ebay, etc. or even a thrift store! They have many dresses that are funky, not to mention about one eighth of the price! If you are looking at kijiji, they have almost new, worn once beautiful prom dresses that they've payed hundreds upon hundreds of dollars for, and now theyre selling them super cheap! I hope i could be of any help to you! thanks