Thursday, March 24, 2011

A change is gonna come

I have decided that I am totally crazy and that I may need a check for putting the fun in kids have told me I am crazy. My friends have confirmed it as well and I just might as well accept it.......NOT!!!

I have decided that I am going to cut my hair. That's a statement, not a question and I say that because when I tell people that I am about to cut my hiar, the first question they wanna ask is AM I CRAZY?.....The second question they ask is ARE YOU SURE?..... and the third question they ask is WELL WHAT DOES YOUR HUBBY SAY?

No, I am not crazy, not today anyway. Yes, I am sure and my hair and my hubby's hair are two different heads of hair. I don't have to get my hubby's PERMISSION to do something to my hair. We may be as one, but geez, I am my own person too. I just feel that I want a change. I've even gone to get some hi-lites put in my hair (see photo above) and the new me is gonna be steppin' out in her swagger......I can hardly wait. More to come when the change is taken place. Holla!!

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