Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Caught off guard

As I was sitting in class trying to write notes as the instructor talked, I was caught off guard when he said, "BARBARA, so what is police discretion?" Did he just call on me and I am writing?!?! Yes he sure did. So I put down my pen and thought in the air for a minute and said, "It is when the police try to keep things a secret." He said that I must mean being discreet and that discreet and discretion are two different things.

I was like, now if he see me writing that means I'm trying to keep up with all that he is saying and if he would have discussed police discretion then come back in a few minutes and asked the class or me, for that matter, what it was, then I probably could have told him.
Don't be expecting me to know it and you haven't gone over it. I know I have a responsibility as a student but you also have a responsibility as a teacher...you teach it, I learn it. I think he was just trying to play me for a fool that day cause when he asked the class to help me out, they all gave him a blank stare as if they all were a couple of deer caught up in headlights. He then proceeded with his lecture and included police discretion in it. Duh, I know what it is...NOW.

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