Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Let's get ready to rumble

As I was sitting in class tonight, all I can hear was rumbling going on in my tummy. I tried to control it by holding my stomach but the noise kept getting louder and louder. At an instant, I realized it was not hunger that was making my stomach growl like it was, it was rumbling because I needed to let out a poot. At that instant, the instructor gave us all random group assignments and our group was to go first. Oh no, I felt a need to go out of the room right at that instant when our instructor walked over and asked us (Group 1) if we were ready to present. To stall a little, I asked the group if they had any questions for the instructor while he was there (and I felt that this would be my exit strategy) and just at that very minute, I felt a warm igniting poot seep through my buttocks while I sat in there.

My group consisted of 4 men and then me, one I was waiting to see if I would be able to smell anything and we could just blame it on the alcohol, on one of the stinky men that were in my group. I knew if I left to go outside that my group would be counted off points and I thought to myself that I could hold this in at least until after we were done. I heard that rumble again and so I coughed, hoping that whatever was gonna come out needed to come out at that point. Our group got up to present and I felt like I wanted to hop up there like peter cottontail and bust through my clothes like incredible hulk. So the five of us stood up front and since I was the only female, I had already told my group that I'm going first and they can go after me. They were all relieved when really I was the one who was relieved which meant I could step back and try to get this gas off my stomach. Now that's what I called relief. Whew!

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